Institut des Sciences Cognitives

Ira Noveck

Noveck is a Research Director at the lab known as L2C2 (Laboratoire sur le Langage, Cerveau et la Cognition). He has coordinated a European-wide network on Experimental Pragmatics (ESF Research Network EURO-XPRAG, 360K€), is a consultant on several projects across Europe, including one at Brussels (headed by Mikhail Kissine) and has received numerous other national and international grants totalling around 700K€. His focus is on the development and processing of pragmatic inferences in utterance comprehension. Topics include logical terms and figurative language. He has made several investigations into the way autism affects language comprehension and specifically inference (pragmatics). Noveck’s team has published autism-related work in high-ranking journals such as Journal of Semantics, Research on Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.
Within the LACA collaboration Noveck’s lab investigates ASD participants’ heightened sensitivity to the literal meaning of a logical form as they engage in pragmatic processing.