University of Haifa

Rama Novogrodsky

Rama Novogrodsky is a lecturer (comparable to Assistant Professor) at the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Her research focuses on the interaction between language development and cognitive development and how different components of language (such as syntax, semantics, phonology and pragmatics) disassociate and interact. She studied diverse populations including: typically developing children, children with specific language impairment (SLI), children with autism, children with hearing impairment, deaf children who use sign language and toddler adoptees who lose their first language while acquiring the new language. Her work on children with autism at the Lab of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (LDCN) at Boston University explored different aspects of narratives of children with high function autism. She published her research in highly ranked international journals such as Journal of Child Language, Brain and Language, Applied Psycholinguistics and Language learning.
Novogrodsky’s team focuses on the relationship between linguistic and cognitive phenomena and their manifestation at different ages in individuals with different types of autism.