Programmes to all LACA Meetings

Below you can see the detailed programmes to all four LACA meetings held so far: Universiteit Van Amsterdam 23 March 2017 Amsterdam – Programme Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca 15 and 16 January 2018 Milan – Programme University of Reading 23 June 2018 Reading – Programme Université de Tours 1 April 2019 Tours – Programme

LACA Meeting – Milan, 15 January, 2018

Language Abilities in Children with Autism (LACA) BETWEEN THEORY AND PRACTICE LACA is a network of twelve European labs investigating the nature and the development of language (in)abilities in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder across languages. One goal of this network is to build (stronger) bridges between theory and practice to create better tools for diagnosis and intervention. Organizers: Maria-Teresa Guasti, Francesca Foppolo, Francesca Panzeri, University of Milano Bicocca Funding: NWO Internationalisation in the Humanities  

Summary of LACA meeting in Milan (January 2018)

On Monday, 15 January, 2018, LACA organized a workshop on the theme ‘Between Theory and Practice’. All 12 LACA labs were represented, and from all 8 LACA countries (The Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Israel) an invited practitioner working with children with ASD provided answers to the following 10 questions: 1) Who is involved in ASD diagnosis in your country? Psychiatrists? Pediatricians? Speech-language therapists? Psychologists? 2) In what structures does ASD diagnosis take place? Hospital? Private practice? 3) […]

LACA Meeting – Reading, 23 June, 2018

Third LACA Workshop – University of Reading, 23 June, 2018 Plenary speakers: Bishma Chakrabarti and Courtenay Norbury Organizers: Theo Marinis, University of Konstanz & University of Reading; Alexandra Perovic, University College London and Ianthi Tsimpli, University of Cambridge Funding: NWO Internationalisation in the Humanities Location: University of Reading Host: Centre for Literacy & Multilingualism